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Reckon provides an valuable Software for Garments Store management at a reasonable price.

We have 28000+ satisfied users.

Reckon software will help you to grow your business exponentially by providing a system wherein you can accurately maintain, analyze and control your cost centers, not only will it help you in invoicing, inventory control and accounting. Whether it is garments exports business, single or multiple branch operation, suiting and shirting, readymade garments or fashion boutique. Reckon software specially designed for your business provides a complete solution to manage your enterprise. It is designed to automate your operations and make it easy for you to keep track!

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Footwear Showroom Software


Matrix Search
Matrix Search

Reckon allows users to search products based on various categories and sub-categories easily. The software makes it easier for the user to create matrices based on single factor, two factors or three factors, like Size, Color, Design, and Style etc.

Price List
Price List

You can create price list in any format like numerical or alphanumerical, you can even record prices in various currencies as well.

Easy Classification
Easy Classification

Record the inventory based on variety of classifications such as fabric, length, size etc. The classification makes it easier for the user to keep the inventory in check.

Image Mapping
Image Mapping

The software has unique feature of mapping the image of the product using barcode. This feature allows the user to keep track of the products with image.

Job Work
Job Work

The software allows the user to keep track of the products that are due for job work like alteration, dyeing etc.

Easy Exchange
Easy Exchange

Reckon software is adept with recording the exchange and sales of product in same bill. This makes the record keeping of both inventory and sales easy and hassle free.

Barcode integration
Barcode integration

The software allows you to easily integrate your barcode system with the reckon software for easy checkout facility. You can also record purchase through the barcode system for easy purchase management and inventory control. You can also make your own unique barcode for your products and you can also generate barcode with Length wise fabric sale by using barcode

Salesman Incentives
Salesman Incentives

The software makes it easier to calculate incentive accrued of the salesman by providing a comprehensive report of the incentive at any given point. The software can easily keep the salesman record in its database for product wise sale and incentive.

Robust Billing
Robust Billing

By using Reckon POS Software at your counter you can fasten the billing process with the help of smooth, user-friendly interface and easy recording of transaction on the books of accounts.

Integrated Invoicing Inventory Accounting
Integrated Invoicing Inventory Accounting

It works simultaneously with Invoicing, Inventory, and Accounting. As soon as the entry is saved, the software automatically updates all relevant accounts and posts effects of the transaction onto Books of Accounts; this is all done without any prior settings.

Data Synchronization
Data Synchronization

Whether you operate a retail chain or multi-store, you can merge your store, branch and warehouse data as one and easily manage it from your head office without any hassle through our Data Synchronization tool.

Multi-Payments accepted

The software accepts multi payments modes; be it Cash, Card, Partial, EMI, UPI, Post dated cheques or any other payment mode.

Tally Transfer
Tally transfer

Tally is one of the leading accounting software used by many accountants and Chartered Accountants; Reckon provides an inbuilt tool that helps data export to Tally for ease of accounting.

Customer Relation Management
Customer Relation Management

The software can easily keep track of the customer reward or loyalty points and automatically apply them on checkout. Keep track of customer’s birthday, anniversary etc through our customer relationship module.

User wise Session management
User wise Session management

Reckon Software is also adept with Till Management tool that helps in managing the sessions, the interconnectivity between the Cash Manager and the POS affords users accurate and reliable management of all cash flowing through each and every till.

Features at a Glance

  • Categorize dress materials like stitched and unstitched “Pant Shirt Piece ” or ready to wear clothes
  • Maintain job work on cloth and dress materials, delivery process etc.
  • Multi user and single user
  • Multiple companies accounting
  • Multi godown or warehouse working
  • Multiple Locations Synching or Cloud base solution
  • Multi voucher series for each Voucher Type (Receipt-Bank/Cash)
  • Multi Bank or Cash entry from single entry system
  • Unlimited Level of Grouping of Accounts
  • User defined formula based calculation
  • User wise report save setting
  • Self Designed Printing Format– Invoice, Challan, Voucher, Cheque and Envelope Printing
  • Auto Paper setting for Portrait or Landscape
  • All Years Report from any Financial Year
  • Zoom In & Zoom Out from any report up to Entry Level
  • Data Freezing Date wise – Sale / Purchase Entry / Bank / Ledger
  • Tough Data security via Microsoft SQL Server
  • Users Define as well as time bound auto data backup management
  • SMS Module
  • Hot Keys and Shortcut Bar
  • Membership Card issue and print
  • Gift vouchers issue and print
  • Increased employee accountability
  • Generate, print unique barcode using a laser or a barcode printer
  • Fastest check out, wait time minimum
  • Effective merchandising, exchange and return
  • Convert non-moving SKU to cash with promos
  • Multi Firms; work all firm simultaneously during Invoicing
  • Multi bill series
  • Integrate with Pole Display, Cash Drawers, Barcode Reader
  • Printout on thermal, Inkjet, laser, dot matrix printers
  • “Double Screen" display to run promos on the other side of the monitor while taking orders or billing
  • Session End collection settlement cashier wise and counter wise
  • Multi payment modes Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Gifts Vouchers, Value Cards, Coupons
  • Index wise product search
  • Various price list options like discount percentage on MRP, Flat Rates, Add margin on costing etc.
  • Multi billing popup windows
  • Bill Hold option
  • Multi Tax Billing in Single Bill
  • Tax Inclusive or MRP Billing
  • Salesman’s Incentives
  • Issue credit note from POS
  • Effective Day-end Process
  • Thanks for shopping SMS sent to customers on checkout
  • Tax Inclusive / Mrp / Excise purchase entry.
  • Purchase History on Item supplier wise – Price, Scheme and Discount.
  • Purchase import from file – CSV, Excel, XML format.
  • Item wise Fix Sale Price and Sale Scheme while Purchase entry
  • Purchase orders convert into purchase bill.
  • Pending Credit Note, Debit Note and Replacement note adjustment
  • Auto Sale Price set as per MRP change.
  • Purchase Challan Option.
  • Challan to Purchase Bill
  • Supplier Credit Days, Limit Lock
  • Automatic updating of Proportionate Increase in NP Rate due to extra expenses like labor, cartage while purchase entry.
  • Generate Sale and Purchase Order
  • Generate manual Sale and Purchase Order
  • Auto Generate multi purchase order for different suppliers
  • Purchase Re-Order System – Based on Period Sale / Min Level / Shortage wise
  • Order and Excess Quantity Help Item wise
  • Brand or Supplier Filter on Re-Order System
  • Item wise Best Supplier help on Re-Order System
  • Marked product as Shortage
  • Re-Order System as per marked items
  • Show Best Supplier – marked items
  • Supplier wise Order
  • Pending Sale & Purchase Order Salesmen wise, Party wise, Item wise, station wise, category wise, etc
  • Purchase order approval by authorized person
  • Order cancelation or rejection report
  • Stock Status matrix products choose on more factors like Size, Color, Design, Style, Brand, Gender etc.
  • Explore products by fast, slow and non-moving
  • Stock Status (Multi-Location) or Multiple Godown wise
  • Stock in hand over 30-60-90 days or user define Report
  • Columnar Stock Register (Configurable)
  • Stock Valuation Report on Multiple Methods
  • Company wise Stock and Sale Report with Valuation
  • Stock Valuation Report for Bank
  • Physical Stock taking along with billing in parallel
  • Old and torn cloths convert into Non-Saleable items
  • Stock Movement Report
  • Top Selling Product
  • Dump “Rahatiya” Stock Report
  • Periodical Stock Valuation
  • Supplier wise Stock & Sales
  • Accounts Integrated with all modules and update online
  • Authorization for entry account users wise
  • Single or Double Entry Voucher System
  • All Books of Accounts & Final Reports
  • Day Books entry
  • Schedule wise Trail Balance, Trading Account, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • Date wise / Period wise Summary of Accounts / Accounts Group
  • Outstanding Report – Bill / Supplier / Salesman / Station / Area wise
  • Voucher Printing / Cheque Printing / Bank Deposit Slips
  • Bank Re-Conciliation giving details of unmatched entries
  • Depreciation Chart (As per Company Act / IT Act)
  • Collection Report – Date / Monthly / Party / Salesman / Area wise
  • Post Dated Cheque module
  • Journal, Contra, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, Vouchers to adjust entries in account
  • Receipt and payment vouchers with online option to adjust excess or less amount
  • Individual ledger or group ledger
  • Manual Stock Value adjustment at the time of balance sheet report
  • Fully integrated Customer Loyalty module
  • Contact wise birthday, anniversary, occasion, reminder report
  • Customer Service Management that ensures repeat business and referrals
  • Customer loyalty program and point generation
  • SMS, Email, WhatsApp, alerts on different offers and scheme to attract customers
  • Deliver targeted loyalty programs with personalized rewards
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Facilitating multichannel loyalty programs
  • Capturing customer buying behavior
  • Redemption of loyalty rewards
  • Optimized information access to improve telesales, accounts, and sales management
  • Value added services to gain competitive edge.
  • Unlimited item wise tax classification
  • Update tax rates any in mid way
  • Item wise Tax Inclusive, Tax Exclusive, Exempted
  • GST Summery
  • GST Purchase Register
  • GST Sale Register
  • GST Column Sale Register
  • GST Column Purchase Register
  • GST- Eway Bill Json
  • GST Tax Clubbing
  • Cancel E-Way Bill
  • GST No verification
  • GSTR-1
  • GSTR 3B
  • GSTR 3B (offline tool)
  • GSTR-2
  • GSTR-2A Reconciliation
  • GSTR-4
  • GST Trans 1
  • GST Trans 2
  • GSTR9
  • Generate and view hundreds of reports
  • User’s wise reports Save Setting make easy to view desired report each time
  • Favorite reports setting facilitate to give same format reports each time
  • Multi financial year link reports view to analyze reports financial year wise
  • Each & Every Reports can be print & view Screen, MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, WhatsApp, Email
  • Each & Every Reports can be export MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, WhatsApp, Email
  • Each & Every Reports can be configured by default email to be send to authorized person
  • Log Report to check any alteration in entries users wise
  • MIS Reports like (Bill / Item / Party / Sales Man / Brand / Category wise profit)
  • Data Freezing
  • Merge Module (Item/Brand/Category/Ledger/Station/Salesman/Area/Tax)
  • Multi Editing Module (Item / Ledger / Group / Category)
  • Export / Import (Format / User Settings)
  • New Financial Year Transfer
  • Year wise Backup and Restore
  • FTP Backup / Restore
  • Refresh Outstanding
  • Synchronization Module – Auto Data Sync from Brach / Ware House to Head Office.
  • Database Tools
  • Software / User Password
  • User Profile Creation – Billing / Accounts / Purchase
  • User Profile wise Power and Boundation
  • Profile wise Report Settings
  • User Log Book
Reckon Software for Garments Store management

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